Lulu's of Commerce - American Restaurant in Michigan

      Well I am usually a big fan but today it was sticker shock!  New prices. We both got a chicken Greek and a pita $27. Now I usually don't feel bad because I usually can't eat all of it and have about half left for lunch the next day. Welp not today!!!!  Oh the $27 was without a tip!   We've decided we won't be going back any time soon.  We almost didn't order and just up and left.  Lesson learned my husband said.  Sorry LuLu's you just lost our business

    thumb Anita P.

      Lulu's is the definition of consistently good food. Most recently, we got the grilled chicken Greek salad. Their grilled chicken is delicious and is very versatile. The Greek dressing is the best we've ever had. We also got the grilled chicken gyro which is also great. Finally, their fries are thin and crispy like McDonald's fries. Great every time. The service is always on point and friendly. Definitely a must try if you're in the area!

    thumb Ramon Y.

      I eat here fairly often.  This place deserves the badge  for being so consistent.  Rarely does anything come out wrong and while the food is essentially top of the line garden variety cony island they just do it better.

    They often have outside the box specials that are usually good.  It's not just some sloppy "cook" figuring out a way to use up food that is nearing its throw away date.  

    This is just good family dining for a reasonable price.

    thumb Todd S.

      I have been really happy with their service.  I wish they would extend their operating hours.  The food is really tasty and they have a really friendly wait staff.  On certain morning the line goes out the door.  I find it worth the wait.

    thumb Todd M.

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