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      My family LOVES Lulu's! We are regulars! Food is always fresh and delicious and the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The spicy vegetable beef soup is outstanding!

    thumb Natasha A.

      Most of the items on this menu lack one or two ingredients. For example, their Greek omelette barely has any feta cheese in it and tastes like bland scrambled eggs. I've had three of their pita sandwiches and every single time, it just tastes like bland food. I have to sit there and Drench it in dressing to give it any type of flavor. The only reason why I'm complaining is because of the fact that this Coney Island charges an average of 1 to $4 more per item than most Coney Islands and yet, the taste of their food is not any better. They can sit there and claim that they have fresh ingredients but, why would that even matter if the food tastes like nothing unless you drench it in sauce or dressing? They charge you nearly $5 for one little side of chicken breast which barely weighs 5 ounces... It should be no more than $3.50 for the tiny serving that they give you. Four out of five times, their staff is incredibly rude and non-friendly. they lack communication skills and hardly make eye contact with their customers... They almost act as if they are entitled to treat customers like nothing.

    thumb Pissed Off G.

      Best Coney anywhere!! Guaranteed!!

    Always freshest food, and great service.... but always very busy. Worth the wait.

    thumb Tim T.

      Always accommodate us!! Great food, great service. Lemons rice soup is awesome and I love there chicken Greek salad.

    thumb Lena Y.

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Located in Michigan 1001 Welch Rd #114, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390 - 12486691937