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      This is a great, great place for a late Breakfast, Early Lunch!!! The service is spectacular so is the food!

    thumb Garnet B.

      This place has the Best Food and Service! Very Fresh, Very Good. The Staff Remembers You and what Your favorites are. You Have to circle for a parking spot sometimes. Excellent. I live 25 minutes away and I still go there.

    thumb nancy a.

      This place has always been good and I never had a problem but today I called to place a carry out order and the lady couldn't have been ruder.. and once I went to pick it up ( not sure if it was the same girl over the phone) the girl didn't want to ring me up.. so she had someone else take care of me. This makes me never want to order carry out from them again. 3 stars are only for the food not the service.. service would be 0..

    thumb Ashley Q.

      yikes! This place was highly recommended to me and I will be in the area for several months on a current project I am working on. It looked nice enough when I walked in. Perhaps my expectations were just a bit higher than they should have been.  I already had two cups of coffee this morning so I just wanted water. I looked over the menu and first thought not real intriguing but Im only here for a quick breakfast it should be good. I ordered the one with 3 eggs, sausage , bacon and ham. I also ordered a side of hash browns with cheddar and sausage gravy even though this "side" was a bit pricy at $7 , it sounded like it would be good. First thing I noticed was the crusted food particle on my fork which was rolled up in the napkin. I asked for a clean fork and additional napkins....No comment as to if my current fork was not clean from the maybe its normal for people t request clean silver ware here .She brought me a clean fork and a couple extra napkins.  The eggs were cooked as ordered and were good, so was the sausage. The bacon was a bit chewy for my particular taste. I enjoy a bit of crispyness to my bacon, however I did not request as such. The ham was dry. Now lets get to thse potatoes and gravy.  No flavor at all in the sausage gravy. Barely any cheese too. I would have been happy if it was only hot....not even luke warm.  Now I admit, I do drink a lot of water with my meals. The dry ass ham made me even thirstier. Oh, by the way at over $16 for breakfast with only water to drink , ya think you should maybe even get a piece of toast...not here. I gave them plenty of time to come fill my water glass, but that never happened. S o finally took my money up to the counter and asked do I just pay here?  paid and left. Nothing about the place gave me a compelling reason to ever come back and even try again. Boring menu options , poor staff attentiveness, food not that great and half the meal not even hot. Too bad Ill be in town for a while .

    thumb B W.

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Located in Michigan 1001 Welch Rd #114, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390 - 12486691937