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      I love Lulu's! It's my favorite neighborhood spot. Although, I miss how it was before they remodeled. The waitresses were more familiar, the sisters (Lulu's daughters I think) were always there and the prices were reasonable. I loved seeing the baby pictures on the wall and it was very family oriented. 10 years later I go there and always leave a little disappointed and shocked that I spent $65 for two adults and a kid... granted, we had soup and saganaki along with our meals, but that just seemed like a lot of cash. I don't want to go to Coney and have to skip out on chili just to make the bill reasonable.
    Will I keep coming? Of course. My nostalgia won't keep me away for too long.

    thumb Briana V.

      This place has the Best Food and Service! Very Fresh, Very Good. The Staff Remembers You and what Your favorites are. You Have to circle for a parking spot sometimes. Excellent. I live 25 minutes away and I still go there.

    thumb nancy a.

      This place has always been good and I never had a problem but today I called to place a carry out order and the lady couldn't have been ruder.. and once I went to pick it up ( not sure if it was the same girl over the phone) the girl didn't want to ring me up.. so she had someone else take care of me. This makes me never want to order carry out from them again. 3 stars are only for the food not the service.. service would be 0..

    thumb Ashley Q.

      I have been really happy with their service.  I wish they would extend their operating hours.  The food is really tasty and they have a really friendly wait staff.  On certain morning the line goes out the door.  I find it worth the wait.

    thumb Todd M.

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