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      Simply Divine!!!  Great atmosphere, kind people, delicious, yummy, and we'll be back again!  So happy to find quality places to eat . I ordered eggs Benedict and tried the biscuits and gravy...I don't thing you can go wrong!  The coffee was also great.  Loved our time there!

    thumb Kaitlin C.

      Love this Coney Island! It is always clean and the atmosphere is much better than a typical county island. The staff is always attentive and quick, and the food is delicious and really reasonable. So many choices on the menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. can't wait to try more food!

    thumb Nora G.

      I eat here fairly often.  This place deserves the badge  for being so consistent.  Rarely does anything come out wrong and while the food is essentially top of the line garden variety cony island they just do it better.

    They often have outside the box specials that are usually good.  It's not just some sloppy "cook" figuring out a way to use up food that is nearing its throw away date.  

    This is just good family dining for a reasonable price.

    thumb Todd S.

      Located in a shopping center and recent remodeled, this Coney Island will definitely surprise you (in a good way).  The quality of the food is higher than any other Coney Island I've been to.  The service can be hit or miss but most of the time it's fine depending on who you get.  They serve up my favorite Greek salad.  What makes this Greek salad different from the rest? The dressing and the beets!  The dressing is pink, creamy, and delicious.  The beets aren't bland like other beets found in traditional Greek salads.  The French fries are also a stand out.  They're nice and crispy and remind me of a better quality McDonalds fry.  The stir fry(add garlic), Cheesesteak, and chicken gyro are notable mentions as well.

    thumb Shaun Y.

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Located in Michigan 1001 Welch Rd #114, Commerce Charter Twp, MI 48390 - 12486691937